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Yves St. Laurent at Bonhams

Yves St. Laurent at Bonhams

There were some great photographs at Bonhams' recent auction: THE MALE FORM. Nudes by Maplethorpe, John Dugdale, PaJaMa and George Platt Lynes. Drawings by Tom of Finland sold in the range of €20,000 to €45,000. 

But it was this drawing by Yves Saint Laurent, "Erotique Maroc," that caught my attention. It offers a different view of the famed fashion designer who died in 2008. Apparently enough time has passed that it's now safe to feature his kinky side at auction. 

"Yves remembers that it was here that he used to invite young Arab boys to pose nude. A series of erotic drawings show these men harnessed in SM leather or accessories from Moroccan folklore, with good-sized cocks; he sketched them during or just after the sensual revelry that entangled their bodies."

Marianne Vic "Le prince de Babylone", Ed. Seuil, 2022.

I guess if you're Yves Saint Laurent you can call it "sensual revelry!"

Felt pen, colored felt pen and colored pencil on paper
Sold for €7,680 inc. premium.

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