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About Homobilia

We See Gay People

By today’s standards the images on this site are pretty tame. But if their erotic power has diminished, other layers of meaning have grown. Offering more than historical interest or retro appeal, they invite us to gaze into our past, to connect with strangers who are strangely familiar.

The point is not that these are images of "gay people." Most of them are anonymous and we don't know if they were gay or not. But as Graham Robb observed in his book, Strangers, we find our likeness in them.

We may glance through jaundiced eyes, but they look back with a refreshing lack of cynicism. Although we can be relatively open about our sexuality today, these images speak to us about the timeless desires we’ve (often secretly) shared.

And they serve as a reminder and a warning: Whatever sexual freedom and social justice we’ve achieved cannot be taken for granted. Especially now. Our site has been censored and we've been given the alternative of deleting all the male nudes or covering the genitals.

Your Feedback

Even if you never buy anything from Homobilia, we hope you’ll find the site interesting and worthwhile. We want to know what you think and encourage you to contact us with your comments.

And we're always happy to discuss consignment or purchase of your collection, so don't hesitate to get in touch.