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Meet John Converse

Meet John Converse

We rarely have much information on the models in our photos, but thanks to the brilliant Reed Massengill, we know quite a lot about handsome John Converse (AKA Dak).

Converse had a fairly successful commercial modeling career. His modeling portfolio was shot by two of New York City's great talents of the 1970s and 80s,  After Dark magazine contributors Roy Blakey and Kenn Duncan.  

John Converse modeling shots

Prior to that he posed nude for physique photographers Walter Kundzicz (Champion) and George Haimsohn (Plato). It was Kundzicz who gave him the name Dak, which he also used modeling for Target. Photos from one of his Target sessions were published in the July 1976 issue of Mandate.

john converse photo by champion

A bit later, Converse posed for John Coletti (Fox Studio) using his real name. Ads for Fox photo sets in publications like The Advocate touted him as "The Fox: John Converse," helping to establish that studio. 

john converse target studios vintage photo

Massengill writes: 

I love him best in his slightly-longer-hair period. Champion shot him first (and youngest) with very short 1960s hair. He looked better after a few years, when he reached what I consider his personal peak. I keep a pretty thick file on John Converse/Dak, as it's likely he may still be out there somewhere.


Additional photos of Converse appear in three of Massengill's books: Roy Blakey's '70s Male Nudes (Goliath, 2002), Champion (Goliath, 2003) and in the Plato chapter of Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes (Rizzoli/Universe, 2009).

john converse vintage photo by Plato


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