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This Week's Auction Highlights 3.3.19

This Week's Auction Highlights 3.3.19

In addition to the items displayed here on Homobilia, we also run weekly auctions on eBay

This week, a rare Colt Studio photo of George O'Mara sold for over $200. 

Keen to stoke the theme of homoeroticism, Morrissey chose this buttock-baring photo for Hand In Glove, The Smiths' first release.   Andy Rourke's Dad wasn't pleased. The bassist said: "He said to me, 'That's a bloke's bum' and I said, 'yeah' but when he asked me why I just didn't have an answer for him."

The 5" x 7” original vintage photo, has a gloss finish and dates to the mid-1970s. 

The sale price: $204.50. See more photos by Jim French, Colt Studios.

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