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December Photo of the Month: Let It Snow!

December Photo of the Month: Let It Snow!

A couple of swells stand before a studio backdrop wearing bowler hats and long black coats, their elegant fur collars turned up against an imaginary cold wind. The taller man holds a cigar in his leather-gloved hand. 

The shorter man’s face is seen in profile, the other in three-quarter view. They tilt their handsome heads in a courteous gesture but gaze directly into the camera with an expression of, if not arrogance, maybe self-assurance. 

The unusual special effect of falling snow enlivens the image and adds depth. But the snowflakes carefully bypass the men’s alabaster faces which pop from the surrounding darkness and visual noise.

Unfortunately there are no identifying notes or marks on the verso, but the Velox stamp box dates it to about 1914.

Vintage Real Photo Postcard
Divided back with Velox stamp on verso

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