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Back to 1966

I happened to come across this "Obscenity and Nudity" article in Tiger Magazine No. 3 from 1966. Yes, some people DO read the articles! 

It points to the Puritanical attitude of "militant civic, religious, and fraternal organizations" towards nudity in the U.S. compared with acceptance in other ("backward"!) countries like Spain. With nudes banned from ecommerce sites, Instagram etc. we seem to be moving backwards in time (even while porn is ubiquitous). 

text from Tiger article about censorship by the USPS

Here's the banned painting in question.

the nude maja by Goya 

Here's a photo I just posted to Instagram.

male nude in car

Within a couple minutes it was deleted with the following message:

Our guidelines on nudity
We don't allow people to share nudity.
We define nudity as things like:
 Showing buttocks or the anus
 Showing someone's genitals
 Showing female nipples, except to talk about breast feeding, the moments after giving birth, health or an act of protest

So nearly 60 years after the Tiger article, even Goya's painting of the Naked Maja would be banned by Instagram. Please note that showing your dick or ass is apparently not an act of protest. Fucking pathetic.

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