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I Dream of St. Sebastian

I Dream of St. Sebastian

To call this photo a “male nude in posing strap” does not do it justice. It’s more of a 60s-sit-com-Christian-icon mashup.

The adjustable gold lamé posing strap does a piss-poor job of concealing his pubic hair, but thanks to precise positioning, cock and balls are veiled. Everything’s held in place by a gold chain. The look is very "I Dream of Jeannie."

Standing with his back against a California Pepper tree, this 60s Sebastian is no martyr. Rather than being pierced by arrows, he holds a saber above his head. Hair spills from his armpits as the edge of his lithe body is lit by the morning sun. He confronts the camera with a serious expression that belies the silly tableau. 

Interesting note about Saint Sebastian: The arrows didn’t kill him. He was, according to tradition, rescued and healed by Saint Irene. After recovering, he went to Emperor Diocletian to caution him about his sins and was promptly clubbed to death.

8” x 10” print on gloss paper
Very good condition

No studio marks
Undated c. 1960s

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