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Two Guys in Bedroom vintage gay snapshot

Two Guys in Bedroom


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Fascinating photo. So much going on here. The older man kneels down with a rag to soak up what is probably a beer spill. He holds a glass with his other hand. He's wearing a cool shirt, bracelet, nice shoes, and shorts which reveal muscular legs.

The younger guy sits on the edge of the bed. He's also nattily dressed with a tight knit shirt, jeans and argyle socks. He holds a beer and a cigarette in one hand as he gestures with the other.

On the floor, two more beer cans and what looks very much like a physique magazine under one of the twin beds. 

One can only speculate as to the little drama playing out here, but I see gay people.

Vintage print, 4" x 5," satin finish. 
Very good condition, undated c. 1960s.