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The Altman Galleries of Hollywood used photographs to manage their eclectic inventory. They provided furnishings and antiques for mansions of the stars as well as props for studio sets. The sepia photos with gloss finish are all numbered and mounted on linen backing. 

Real Photo Postcards and vintage photos of athletic teams including track and field athletes, wrestlers, ball players; military; guys in swimsuits, friends, and queer. A few thoughts about Men in Rows.


Vintage photos of military men in rows, from World War I to Viet Nam. Read our blog post about the exhibition.


Friends, classmates, co-workers and other groups of guys.


Men at the beach, in swimsuits, and various stages of undress.


Guys in drag, strange and silly men, male beauty pageant contestants, and the occasional woman in rows.


The Neptune Party Aboard the USS Black Hawk, October 1930. About the Crossing the Line ceremony.
A collection of leather fetish biker photos taken in Berlin by an unknown photographer, late 1950s. From the estate of physique photographer Cain of London, possibly for publication in Sir Gee magazine.

A collection of vintage 70's fashion photos from the estate of South African-born designer Gloria Gross. Other designers are all European: Bert Zuiderveen, Haarlem; Massimo Datti, Rome; Miguel Diaz, Barcelona; Ruben Torres, Paris; and Christopher Franck, Denmark. Most of the photos were part of a 1972 show organized by the International Institute for Cotton.
A collection of antique and vintage strongmen including Real Photo Postcards, studio prints and snapshots.