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Consign Your Collection

To continue bringing unique, high-quality merchandise to our customers, Homobilia accepts consignments of vintage gay art, photography, magazines and other memorabilia. We guarantee what we sell and represent consigners who do the same. If you have appropriate materials to offer, we promise a quick response to your inquiry.

To properly evaluate your collection, we'll need a list of items and some sample photographs. We’ll determine if Homobilia’s the best place to sell your collection and make a mutual decision on the range of offering prices.

Homobilia covers all advertising and website expenses related to your consignment. Your only cost is the transportation to (and from) our location in Rancho Mirage California.

Once we come to a mutual understanding we'll send you a consignment agreement that outlines fees, terms and responsibilities. You will receive reports of items sold and be paid at the end of each month.

In some cases we may offer to purchase your collection if you're seeking a quicker turnaround than consignment typically provides.

Please contact us and we can work out all the details.