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About Other Vintage Photos

Why "Other Vintage Photos" on Homobilia?

Nothing makes me happier than visiting a flea market and discovering a big box of snapshots. When I first start collecting, I’d search through thousands of photos looking for affectionate men, guys at the beach, bodybuilders etc. 

In the process, I’d find other strange or funny or beautiful photos and throw them back in the box because “I don’t collect that.” Eventually I realized was looking at (and stupidly discarding) some little treasures. My collection expanded in unexpected directions.

I’ve come to detect something queer about all these photos regardless of subject matter, and that something was me, or rather my eye. I see the world through a queer lense whether I want to or not. 

As an experiment, Homobilia is offering what we’ve cleverly called “Other Vintage Photos,” hoping that you too will find something worth saving. 

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