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Most Expensive Gay Snapshot Ever?

It may be the most expensive gay snapshot ever sold on eBay. This amazing photo of two guys captured in a passionate kiss was bid up to a whopping $1,594.96. The sexual energy practically leaps from the image. 

"CRAZY," handwritten in the top border, suggests how risky this was back in the 1940s (and still is today in some places). It in no way relates to the person who spent almost $1,600 for this photo.

Congratulations to the anonymous winning bidder, and seller "bambinostuff."

Almost as impressive, this romantic and dreamy photo of two guys in bed sold for almost $312 (by seller chuck7048). But a closer look has me wondering if in fact these are guys. I wouldn't be surprised if the person closest to us is female. 

Still a great photo, but probably not the same value.

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